Nightmare Prison - Halloween 2016 DLC
Spin the Wheel of Misfortune and hope for the best as the Necrocloaker drags you into his nightmare.
A large cloaker harrases the players with giant drills and flamethrowers while they try and survive.
If the players are lucky, they might leave with more than just their lives.

Biker Pack - DLC
I built and scripted the ending motorcycle escape for the Biker Dlc pack.

Murky Station - Hardcore Henry DLC
A mission that is stealth only, focused on co-op gameplay. Designed to be Highly replayable.
Supports many different stealth playstyles and encourages creativity to solve each objective.

Santa's Workshop - Christmas 2015 DLC
This Christmas heist was centered around managing "Elves" who were making cocaine presents.
The core loop is similar to a game called "cookie clicker". The more elves you have making presents,
the more money you make per minute.

Aftershock - DLC
I designed and scripted the majority of Aftershock in 6 weeks.

Lab Rats - Halloween 2015 DLC
I created the Necro-Cloaker event that takes place during the heist.

The Alesso Heist - DLC
I designed and scripted the majority of the Alesso Heist.

Transport: Train Heist - DLC
I re-designed the stealth portion of this heist from the ground up and added in a new escape option.