Bioshock Infinite

Town Center
I helped out in various areas from narrative scripting to combat.
Taking the initial idea for the baptism scene, I planned out the pacing, character placement,
and scripted the first pass. The ending scene is very close to the first pass I implemented.

Working off of an initial pass, I redesigned, scripted, and polished all 3 fair games.

Working together with my lead, we designed the first combat sequences in the game.
It was built to make the player feel overwhelmed but in control. We took lots of care when
pacing the enemy encounters and tailored each beat towards teaching the player something new.

The Fireman fight was built up to be the climax point of the first combat sequence.
Symbolized as going through the gates of hell, the player had to dodge flame traps and bombs.
I took the initiative to create the Fireman intro from scratch using existing props and animations.

I scripted the floats/fx for the parade and some crowd activity with VO.

Using existing assets, I put together a horse and cart that strolled down the street.

I scripted the small boy giving the player a postcard.

Battleship Bay
I created the initial blockout for the beach along with scripting several Liz moments.
I developed the water recycle system and placed ambient crowds with VO.

I blocked out initial pacing, placement of AI, and VO for the "Ambush" scene.

Hall of Heroes
I scripted all progression logic, VO, ambient set movements, and the Patriot intro.

Shock Jockey Conduit
The conduit is a power generator that activates when shot with the Shock Jockey Vigor.
I made the initial proxy asset and scripted all functionality for this prefab.
I created a special script that would speed up or slow down any moving object/animation that
was connected to the prefab. This gave the impression of power surging through the device.

I was in charge of scripting Liz for maps 2-4 of Finkton.
Duties ranged from narrative scripting and VO to environment interactions.

The End of Finkton
I was in charge of scripting and polishing both Daisy Fitzroy sequences at the end of Finkton.

Towards the later stages of development I suggested repurposing a small side narrative scene for use
as the Daisy kills Fink scene. This scene added the motivation for Liz to kill Daisy and stop
her from harming Fink's child.

Clash in the Clouds (DLC)
I scripted the main prefabs and menus for all four DLC maps.
This includes: resurrection stations, gear machines, weapon racks, map intro logic, map transitions,
wave transitions, player spawn system, scripting the menu options, and Liz call-outs for last enemy.